Industrial Heaters

Industrial heaters are a very important thing for any business or building. Whether it's being able to warm up a room on a cold night or provide a heating element inside of another piece of equipment, heat is an important thing to have. Heaters come in a variety of sizes, shapes and purposes, so it's important to be specific about what you want a heater to do.

There are many different kinds of industrial heaters on the market. Some of the more common applications are:

  • Air heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Immersion heaters
  • Strip heaters

Industrial Heaters - Air Heaters

Air heaters do just that. Heat the air. But how much are you heating? This is where you'll need to decide if you need to look for industrial heaters or basic heaters. The larger the space and the more heat you'll need, the more industrial you'll need to get. The primary things to focus on when shopping for an air heater is the amount of watts, whether you have controls to allow you to change the amount of heat that the elements are producing, and whether it is energy efficient or not.

Industrial Heaters - Water Heaters

Water heaters will heat water for a variety of purposes including for home, restaurant and hotel use for bathing and washing, as well as for other applications. The capacity of the water heater will determine the length and what kind of industrial heaters you'll need to shop for. The more turnover or hot water you'll need to produce at a time, the larger you'll need. You won't really need controls to change the amount of heat that goes to it because you'll have the ability to change it at the faucet level. You will need to look at voltage as well as how it is installed.

Industrial Heaters - Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters immerse themselves into the liquid that they are going to heat. This can range from water to oil and other liquids. There are typically three kinds of immersion heaters: Over the side, Screw plug, and flanged. You'll want to figure out what kind of liquid you'll be heating and how hot the liquid needs to get. An industrial heater will go hotter than a standard one, so if you're looking for high heat, then that's what you're going to get. Look for material, how many circuit phases the heater has, as well as the length of the sheath. The longer the heater, the deeper the liquid can be.

Industrial Heaters - Strip Heaters

There are also strip heaters. These are in the shape of a strip and are often used in food heating applications, but there are others, too. Industrial heaters can be used for sealing, welding, marine applications and more. When looking for a strip heater, it comes down to how hot it needs to be, as well as construction material. Your choices are mica, ceramic, alumarod and cast-in.

Industrial heaters have a broad range of applications. They are built and designed to withstand very high heat but they only work if they're used correctly, so understanding what you want to heat will ensure you buy the right one.

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